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We convert the interaction into an advantage

Social media refer to the creation and sharing of content by consumers on the Internet. Online technology platforms allow users to:

  • Bookmark and aggregate content.
  • Create and share content.
  • Use other Internet users’ preferences to find content.

The most famous social media are Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Instagram.

We create Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin profiles for business

Social networking refers to the using of the tools of the Internet to connect and build relationships with others. There are many social networking media such as Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, which allow users to create personal profiles and interact with their connections through sharing media, sending messages and blogging allowing companies to extend beyond their personal network.

We create Twitter accounts

Microblogging is a form of blogging that allows a user to publish short text updates. The most popular microblogging service is Twitter. The posts are called tweets and are usually short thoughts or URLs to interesting articles. Nowadays, Twitter has become one of the most talked about social media platforms and many companies have started to use it as a customer service tool.

We create You Tube channels for business

Youtube is one of the best video sharing sites which allows users to upload, view and share videos with the rest of the world. Youtube has a billion ( monthly viewers. For users it’s easy to watch most of the available videos because there is no need of registration and for members is possible to upload an unlimited number of videos.

We promote your brand through social media

Social media has changed the world we market in and can be used as an integral part of an internet marketing campaign. It’s simple for everyone to create, connect and share online.

Istology Web & Marketing Solutions designing social media campaigns gives companies the opportunity:

  • to interact with customers through targeted communications.
  • to create an online community.
  • to develop an holistic internet marketing strategy.
  • to connect their brands to the appropriate audience
  • to learn more about their audience’s behavior such as likes, dislikes.

Social media can have SEO benefits for a web site, particularly when a company engages in the various social media. By using the services of social media, either to create or share content, web sites can attract links, all helping to enhance search engine rankings. Also, social media can provide a targeted network for online advertising and planning through detailed demographic information.

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